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11 Students and 1 Teacher are Selected for Mosman Youth Art Prize 2024

Updated: May 24

The Mosman Art Prize is an annual, acquisitive award for painting sponsored by Mosman Municipal Council. Established in 1947, the Prize is one of the oldest and most prestigious, local government art awards in Australia. The winning works form an important collection of modern and contemporary art, reflecting developments in Australian art practice over the last half a century.

Mosman Art Gallery is excited to foster the next generation of artists through the Mosman Youth Art Prize. Each year hundreds of budding artists submit their drawings, paintings, photographs, videos, prints, sculpture and ceramics that form this overview of the artists of the future.

Mosman Youth Art Prize: Third Prize

//  Elizabeth Moodey  //

The Fat Dudes 

Mosman Youth Art Prize

// Elements //

Dani Froggat

// A Lonely Tree  //

Zoe Davis 

// Memories //

Jannie Li 

// Lakeside house //

Lexi Zhang

// Still life with Apples //

Jasmine Huang

// Frames of Life //

Man Yi Emily Chen

//  Dragon's Prey //

Mack Jenkins

//  Pineapple //

Samia Abdelrazek

//  Childhood //

Alvina Hoi Ching Chan

//  Cosmic Remedy //

Zixi(Candice) Chen

Mosman Art Prize

//  HAHAhahaha //

Alice Xu Tertiary 

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