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2024 Term 1: Friday 2 February to Saturday 13 April

2024 Term 2: Tuesday 30 April to Saturday 6 July

2024 Term 3: Tuesday 23 July to Saturday 28 September

2024 Term 4: Tuesday 15 October to Saturday 21 December
* Public Holidays excluded.


The classes are available from beginner to advanced levels where you will learn a variety of guided practical exercises to develop observational skills and paint handling techniques. You will gain the skills needed to produce a lovely landscape, still life, figure drawing and more.


Class content:
•    Choice of colours relevant to the style and subject
•    Mixing colours and the colour wheel, warm and cool colours
•    Initial application of colours to the student's painting
•    Consideration of light and shade relevant to the style and subject.
•    Practical application to the student's painting
•    Framing options and considerations.
•    Finalisation and critique of the student's painting by the tutor.
•    Group review, discussion and advice on how to prepare the painting for exhibitions, competitions and sale.


Learning outcomes
•    Overview of Colour mixing theory
•    How to mix oil paints or acrylic paints
•    How to choose colours that work well together
•    How the human mind perceives shapes and its importance in composition.
•    Lines and edges - how to use them to create tjhe foundation for your artwork
•    Positive and negative spaces - and their role in creating balance.
•    Light and Shade, Contrast and Tones - the important skill in progressing from a painter to an artist.
•    How the human mind perceives colour and its importance in colour selection.

Acrylic Painting - 10 Classes (12 - 18 years old)

$598.00 Regular Price
$568.10Sale Price

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