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2024 Term 1: Friday 2 February to Saturday 13 April

2024 Term 2: Tuesday 30 April to Saturday 6 July

2024 Term 3: Tuesday 23 July to Saturday 28 September

2024 Term 4: Tuesday 15 October to Saturday 21 December
* Public Holidays excluded.


In these structured art classes student will be taught exercises to help develop their drawing skills, such as still life, landscape, or portraiture. The outcome of the beginner class will give the students understanding of proportion, form, and space.

The advanced class will help students to develop skills in drawing the human figure, learn about realistic depiction of human anatomy and experience life drawing sessions.


1. Sketch for Beginners (2 hours/ session)

Class content:

  • Line and texture
  • Proportion and composition
  • Tone, shape, and shading
  • Negative space and perspective
  • Contour and volume


Learning outcomes:

  • learned how to observe objects for drawing
  • practised hand-eye co-ordination
  • an understanding of form and structure to simplify your drawings
  • developed practical knowledge of different drawing techniques
  • Experiment with various media and equipment including pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels
  • learned to create harmony and contrast in your drawings


2. Portrait Drawing (2 hours/ session)

Class content

  • Geometric equivalents of the head, neck and shoulders
  • Cranial masses and their influences on the appearance of head and face
  • Monochromatic colour and colour temperature
  • Light and shadows to create 3D forms
  • Characteristics of the features and how to observe them in all faces
  • Adding more power in a portrait by drawing hands interacting with the head and face and more


Learning outcomes

  • learned about the anatomical structure of the human face and head
  • How to create a likeness of your subject
  • Tips and hints to mastering facial features, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and eyebrows.
  • practiced and developed different drawing techniques
  • gained a practical understanding of observation and life drawing skills
  • learned how to set up a model to take best advantage of their expression and unique presence


3. Advanced – Life Drawing (2 hours/ session)

Class content:

  • techniques used to represent or reflect the human form
  • human physiology and anatomy relevant to figure drawing
  • sources for more information and ideas
  • techniques used in observational drawing
  • how tools, media and techniques can be used to achieve effects in drawing
  • aspects of historical and contemporary observational drawing


Learning outcomes

  • draw or paint the human form using historical and contemporary contexts
  • develop, refine, and implement ideas about the use of the human form in your own work
  • produce a body of creative work based on the human form
  • produce observational drawings that show well-developed technique via
  • accurate use of perspective
  • effective depiction of light, shade, and space, and
  • select appropriate media and tools to suit the needs of a drawing project
  • Artistic Knowledge Development

Sketching - 10 Classes (12 - 18 years old)

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$530.10Sale Price

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