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2023 Welight Art
Student Exhibition

Entries for the 2023 Welight Art Student Exhibition are now open. 

Held every year, we invite all our young Welight artists between ages 5 - 18 to sumbit artworks in a variety of media including: Painting, Drawing, Collage, Print, Picture Books and art craft.  All works produced after 1st Jan 2023 will be eligible for entry.

Entry forms MUST be submitted online. You need to upload an image, and the original artworks need to be delivered to the Welight Art Space, no later than Sat 02 December 2023, AFTER the online form has been completed. Each student can only submit one artwork so choose wisely. 

The criteria for this year's selection will be divided into two main categories: one focusing on realism, emphasizing technical skill and the overall completeness of the visuals, while the other leans towards creativity, emphasizing a child's distinctive personality and the ability to express emotions and stories through visuals.

Due to the limited space, only the best 100 ARTWORKS will be selected as finalists and exhibited in a major Exhibition at Welight Art Space from 20 Jan to 17 Feb 2024. The winner will be announced at the official opening on 20 Jan 2024.

The 2023 judges are Jiawei Shen and Lan Wang. You can read Jiawei's profile and Lan's profile here.

Awards will be presented by Willoughby Mayor - Tanya Taylor who will also be providing a speech. 

Entries close 5pm, Saturday 02 December 2023. Late entries will not be accepted. 


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