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16 Students Selected for the Northern Beach 2023 Environmental Art & Design Prize

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Thought-provoking works by 215 artists and designers from across Australia have been shortlisted for the prestigious annual Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize.

We have had an astounding number of students selected as finalists for the Northern Beaches Environmental Art and Design Prize. This year we have had 16 students selected in total, a huge achievement for our art school and a bench mark that will be hard to beat..

Congratulations to all the students who were selected, your works are unique, creative and all exceptional! we wish you even more artistic success to come.


7-12 years old group

// Ink Blob //

Ashley Chen

// Melodic Wilderness A Harmnoy of Nature and Music //

Louise Liang

// Watermelon Village The Oasis of Nature and Community //

Sarita Jiang

// The little Yellow Bird //

Isla Lu

// Alive //

Dani Mu

// Robotic Saviours //

Isabella Niu

// Seeking Lights //

Chloe Peters

// Plant and Veggie Man City //

Gisele Ren

// The Amazing Things You Can Find In The World //

Jasmine Shuyu Tang

// Potatoes In Space //

Kyna Sarin

// Monster Under The Sea //

Jayden Wu

// Stop the Pollution //

Victoria Xu


13-18 years old group

// Blue Fading //

Coco Liao

// Two Fish //

Meilin Shi

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