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9 Students Selected for Year of the Dragon drawings, Sydney Lunar Festival 2024

Calling all young artists! Each year, the City of Sydney hosts a vibrant Lunar New Year Zodiac Painting Competition, celebrating the upcoming year's animal symbol. This year, 2024, the mighty dragon takes center stage!

The competition encourages young artists to showcase their creativity by incorporating traditional Eastern elements, capturing the joyful festive atmosphere of Lunar New Year, and expressing their artistic vision

Welight Art is thrilled to announce that 9 of our talented students have been selected for this prestigious competition! Their artworks, featuring their unique interpretations of the dragon mascot, will be displayed prominently in both Town Hall and Haymarket. These public displays will take the form of large, eye-catching posters, banners, or signboards, ensuring their artwork is seen by a wide audience.

But the recognition doesn't stop there! The winning designs will also be printed on T-shirts, adding a fun and wearable element to the celebration. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to showcase their artistic talents on a city-wide scale.

Congratulations to our selected students! We're incredibly proud of their creativity and dedication.

Want to see their amazing artworks? Be sure to visit Town Hall and Haymarket during the Lunar New Year celebrations!

Candice Chen, 11 years old

Chloe Wan, 9 years old

Triston Au, 10 years old

Lauren Liu, 10 years old

Angelica Busse, 8 years old

Ellice Jin, 7 years old

Aiden Shek, 9 years old

Elina Wang, 7 years old

Tracey Du, 8 years old

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