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Two Students Selected for Georges River Art Prize 2021

The highly esteemed biennial art award in Australia is a national art prize that showcases high-quality paintings and sculptures. With a prize money of up to $10,000 AUD, this award is organized by the Hurstville Museum and Gallery. The current edition of the award features seven categories, including Painting, Sculpture, Local Artist Award, Young Artist Award, and Youth Award.

This year, two students from Welight Art School have been shortlisted for the Young Artist Award (7-12 years) in the Georges River Art Prize. Their artworks will be exhibited at the Clive James Library and Service Centre from November 13, 2021, to January 20, 2022.

// Nature's face //

Emma Wang, 7 years old

This artwork was created during a classic art history class, where famous surrealist painters like Salvador Dali served as inspiration. The students were guided to freely combine objects from everyday life and create a piece with a focus on the human face. Emma chose to use nature as the background, with tree trunks and a beach forming the contours of the face. Tree leaves were used for hair, a birdcage for eyes, and a straw hat for ears, resulting in a lively and intriguing composition.

// Fawn in the forest //

Zhiyue Zhang, 7 years old

No matter what Zhiyue draws, whether it's Basquiat's graffiti, Picasso's Cubism, or even a tree in autumn, they have the ability to break free from the conventional framework and create their own unique style. Zhiyue has a talent for transforming everything in the world into their own adorable and lovely interpretation.

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