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Two students selected for the Mosman Art Prize Youth 2021

Updated: May 25, 2023

The Mosman Youth Art Prize is an annual art exhibition and award organized by the Mosman Council in Sydney, Australia. It is specifically designed to encourage young, aspiring, and talented artists between the ages of 12 and 21 in the Sydney region. The prize has a rich history, spanning 33 years to date. It offers generous cash prizes and provides the opportunity for finalists to showcase their artworks at the Mosman Art Gallery. The Mosman Youth Art Prize has gained a prestigious reputation within the Australian art community and is often regarded as a hub for artistic innovation and creativity in the country.

For the first time, led students aged 12 and above to participate in the Mosman Youth Art Prize 2021. After three weeks of preparation and creation, two students' artworks were selected and both made it to the final round. Their artworks were displayed at the Mosman Art Gallery from Saturday, 8 May, to Sunday, 6 June.

Queenie, a 14-year-old artist, has a deep passion for the classical British style. Inspired by her British classmates, she created a piece of art that incorporates their faces as a foundation and adds a highly intricate set of clothing representing British nobility. This artwork showcases Queenie's excellent sketching skills and her inclination towards classical aesthetics.

// My Friend in Renaissance Fashion //

Queenie Shi, 14 years old

Achievement: Junior Category Third Prize


Arina, who is 13 years old, submitted a piece titled "Hockey Boys" for the competition. Her creative inspiration for this artwork comes from her love for the sport of hockey and elements of animation.

// Hockey Boys //

Arina Kornilova, 13 years old

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