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2024 Term 2: Tuesday 30 April to Saturday 6 July

2024 Term 3: Tuesday 23 July to Saturday 28 September

2024 Term 4: Tuesday 15 October to Saturday 21 December
* Public Holidays excluded.


A delightful art program for our young blooming artists! These art classes are designed for advanced primary school children and early high school students. Using structured lesson plans with a mixture of classical and contemporary techniques the child will learn to "see and be" like an artist.

In these art classes the students will:
•    Develop and extend foundation skills
•    Be introduced to a variety of new artistic topics and themes
•    Explore and experiment with different techniques and media
•    Build the foundation to develop his or her own individual artistic style


Discovering Art (4-6 years old)

3:45-5:15pm, 2.5 hours/ session

In this engaging class, students will learn to draw their favorite animals, characters, still life, vehicles and more while learning fundamental art elements: line, shape, texture, color, value, and space. Our fun projects are geared towards developing drawing and painting skills within each theme, while also encouraging individual creativity and expression. Each student works with his or her own vision and produces a unique finished piece.


Explore Art (6-9 years old)

3:30-6:00pm, 2.5 hours/ session

The goal of Explore Art class is to give students additional time to complete their art and embellish it by combining different media such as glitter, paint, pencil and colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, markers, and other imaginative items. Students will learn new techniques such as layering, texture building, and more.


Mastering Art (9-12 years old)

4:00-6:00pm, 2 hours/ session

This fine arts class is intended for students who have intermediate drawing skills and are looking to learn more sophisticated artistic techniques. Students in the Mastering Art class are ready to advance their skills to create more three-dimensionality and realism in their work. Projects include animals, nature, still life, cartoons, human form, various master artists, and landscapes. Emphasis is placed on shading, perspective, composition and developing finished pieces. Students will be encouraged to develop their own style and creative approach.

After School Program - 10 classes

$558.00 Regular Price
$530.10Sale Price

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